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Basic: Functional vascular testing

  • Bidirectional Doppler
  • 7’’ WVGA (color TFT) touch screen display
  • Export of the examination reports on a USB memory stick
  • PC connection for examination report transfer
  • Connectable to an external printer
  • Print out on a network printer
  • Customized protocols: any test combination
  • Shared network directory
  • Ergonomic carts are available
  • BASIC 1, BASIC 2 and BASIC 3.1 can be powered by a battery
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Product Description

Automatic measurement of  systolic pressure in the limbs

  • The BASIC 3 inflates and deflates the occlusion cuff(s)
  • The BASIC 3 detects the return of the blood flow during the deflation of the occlusion cuff(s)
  • The BASIC 3 displays the value of the systolic pressure(s).

Possible examinations

  • Arterial/venous vascular Doppler
  • Carotid artery Doppler
  • Systolic pressure measurement in the limbs (automatic or manual measurement)
  • Ankle systolic pressure, ABI
  • Toe systolic pressure, TBI
  • Photoplethysmograpgy recording
  • PVR recording
  • Stress test
  • PWV
  • Venous refilling time (venous insufficiency)

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