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Product Description

The BILITEST is a portable fully automated bichromatic photometer designed for noninvasive assessment of the degree of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn infants by measuring of yellowness of sub-cutaneous tissues.

The main purpose of BILITEST Hyperbiliribinemia Analyzer is to screen newborn infants for hyperbilirubinemia, including:
• evaluation of the degree of jaundice and monitoring of its dynamics;
• identification of newborn with a high degree of jaundice requiring the measurement of serum bilirubin
The utilization of BILITEST allows reducing the number of newborns subjected to blood collection for laboratory investigations.

Advantages of the device:

The only transcutaneous analyser of hyperbilirubinemia with LED light source; Compact and lightweight;
Pre-calibrated, no disposable required
Control of the device’s performance is made by means of included RC1 and RC2 control reading checkers.

Technical specifications.

Light source – two LEDs
Measuring unit – international transcutaneous bilirubin index TBI,
Measuring range – 2 – 58 units TBI ~ 20 – 580 μmol/l for total serum bilirubin (TSB)
Correlation coefficient with TSB – more than 0.92
Optical inaccuracy – ± 10 %
Imprecision – ± 2 units TBI
Dimensions – 135x65x35 mm
Weight – no more than 150 grams
Power supply – 3 batteries, size AAA
Measuring cycles with one battery set – more than 100,000


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