System for Biofeedback Trainings


System for Biofeedback Trainings

  • Reliable system with necessary accessories in base delivery set
  • Trainings using various physiological parameters
  • Extensive interactive content for biofeedback
  • Monitoring of training efficiency
  • Automatic examination report
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Product Description

Nowadays, the therapy efficiency with biological feedback methods is beyond any doubt. The development of self-regulation skills allows the individuals to use efficiently the body’s reserves, get rid of the disturbing symptoms without any assistance and improve significantly the quality of life.

Neuron-Spectrum-1/BFB, a new Neurosoft solution, provides extensive customization of training profiles for each patient individually using a wide range of biological feedback. Our powerfull EEG recorders provide the highest quality physiological signal and the Neuron-Spectrum.NET software allows you to assess the training success and generate the report automatically.

Reliable system with necessary accessories in base delivery set

The delivery set of Neuron-Spectrum-1/BFB includes 8-channel EEG system, special accessories for biofeedback trainings and also Neuron-Spectrum.NET software module.  It is only one configuration and we are always ready to customize the delivery set for you and meet your exact needs.

Trainings using various physiological parameters

Using Neuron-Spectrum-1/BFB, you can perform the following trainings:

Neurofeedback — trainings using parameters of EEG.

Biofeedback — trainings using HR, EMG, respiratory rate, GSR, SpO2, temperature.

Standard alpha-theta training and beta-training are implemented in the Neuron-Spectrum-1/BFB software, but you can always create the individual training program for each patient using various physiological parameters.

Extensive interactive content for biofeedback

The Neuron-Spectrum-1/BFB software has integrated training protocols where the obtained physiological signal can be associated with the images, photos, films, games and music. The specialist can choose from the variety of offered options or even use its own one.

Monitoring of training efficiency

You can monitor the training process and change the parameters in real time. There is no need to stop the training. All training sessions are stored in the database where you can review the history of patients and analyze their training efficiency.

Automatic examination report

When the training is finished, the software generates the report that can be viewed simultaneously with EEG traces. The report can be edited and printed and its soft copy can be saved in the database.

If you have already purchased the Neurosoft EEG system and would like to perform training with biological feedback, just buy the software module with accessories depending on the training type you would like to arrange. The Neuron-Spectrum.NET software is compatible with all Neurosoft EEG systems.