Innovative Pulmonary Function Testing Solutions

The HypAir offers a wide range of pulmonary function tests in a single system.

With high quality open circuit spirometry, lung volumes, diffusion, respiratory mechanics and more, the HypAir is the ideal device for complete, modular pulmonary function testing.

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Product Description

  • Compact system with cart or table-top configurations
  • Ability to upgrade options over time
  • High precision, reliable, accurate, and stable gold-standard Lilly heated pneumotachograph with no moving parts
  • Low cost of operation and low maintenance
  • Expair software suite with complete operator and patient guide included


All measurement programs in the HypAir pulmonary function system are controlled by the powerful Expair software. Featured in the standard configuration are the following testing options.

Basic Spirometry: Includes Forced Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Minute Tidal Ventilation including bronchochallenge testing software.

Choice of 2 Lung Volumes Methods  (FRC, VC, IC , ERV, RV, TLC):
Medisoft is the only manufacturer featuring a choice of 2 lung volume methods

Multi Breath N2 washout / LCI (Lung Clearance Index) including closing volume (N2 Slope):
He Dilution by closed circuit He dilution technique with O2 compensation and CO2 absorption with re-breathing bag.

Medisoft is the only manufacturer featuring a choice of six diffusion methods, making the BodyBox the ideal system for all main diagnostic tests.

  • Single Breath with Helium trace gas (He)
  • Rapid Gas Analysis Diffusion (RTD) with single breath using Helium trace gas (He) or Methane trace gas (CH4 )
  • Re-breathing Diffusion with Helium trace gas (He) and using inspiratory bag
  • Intra Breath Diffusion with Cardiac Output (Qc)
  • DLCO-NO dual diffusion method (Trace gas He) (exclusive) with membrane diffusion (DM) and Capillary blood volume (Vc)
  • Steady State Real Time Diffusion TlCO ss (exclusive)


Bronchoprovocation and Special Resistance Testing:

  • PROVO4 Provocation System: automated, software controlled, accurate and safe bronchial provocation testing.
  • RINT: resistance measurement using interrupter technique. Ideal for children.
  • NEP (negative expiratory pressure): alternative method to detect expiratory flow limitation, which does not require performance of forced expiratory efforts on the part of the patient, or a body plethysmography test.

Respiratory Mechanics Testing:

  • MIP – MEP (maximum inspiratory and maximum expiratory pressure): indicator of respiratory muscle strength.
  • SNIP: maximal nasal inspiratory pressure using a nasal cannula. A non-invasive indicator of diaphragmatic muscle fatigue.
  • P01: inspiratory occlusion pressure at 0.1 seconds, for respiratory muscle drive evaluation.
  • Static and dynamic compliance and resistance: measured by intra-oesophageal balloon catheters.

The HypAir pulmonary function system can be combined with the following devices:
ECG, FeNO+, FOT Resmon Pro, SpiroAir,  HypAir, Micro 5000, Ergocard Professional, Ergocard Clinical.