Stress ECG


Stress ECG

Digital ECG Stress Test System for Exercise Testing on Treadmill

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Stress-test with the continuous ECG control on treadmill

  • Continuous recording from 1 to 12 ECG leads

  • Possibility of ECG recording in Frank or Nehb lead system

  • Displaying the user-defined number of ECG leads during the whole test

  • Displaying dynamically averaged cardiocomplex as superimposed with displacement on the averaged rest ECG

  • Displaying large number of objective indices during the test which are received from the patient on-the-fly

  • Displaying the graphs of heart rate (HR), workload, blood pressure (BP) and ST amplitude changing during the whole test

  • Automatic control of treadmill

  • Storing of the whole ECG record during the test on hard disk

  • Possibility of automatic measurement of any chosen ECG fragment

  • Calculation of large quantity of ergometric parameters and indices after test termination

  • Automatic checkup report generation


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