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Ambulatory wireless PSG recorder

Main Features:
– 16-21 EEG channels
– Full range of polygraphic channels for PSG recording in accordance with AASM recommendations (2007)
– Wi-Fi interface
– Ambulatory EEG and PSG recording (up to several days)
– Routine EEG exams

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Product Description

16-21 EEG channels according to International “10-20” system (the number of EEG derivations depends on the necessity to record other channels)

Polygraphic channels:
ECG channel (ECG)
Two EMG channels (EMG1, EMG2)
Two EOG channels (EOGl, EOGr)
Direct current channel (DC)
Snoring sound channel (Snore)
Airflow channel (Flow)
Rib cage movement channel (Chest)
Abdominal movement channel (Abdom)
Two limb movement channels (LML, LMR)
Oximetry channel (SpO2)
Nasal pressure channel

Built-in body position sensor
LCD display and four buttons to control acquisition parameters and operation modes
Socket for standard electrode cap connection
The exams can be recorded to SD memory card with up to 32 Gb size
Built-in Wi-Fi module can be used to monitor the data during the recordings, copy the exams from the memory card of the device to the exam database and customize the device
The device can be used without the memory card. In this case the device can transmit the obtained data to the computer database via Wi-Fi interface during recording
Video EEG monitoring
The recorder can be connected to any computer of the wireless local network or any computer with the built-in Wi-Fi module or computer with USB Wi-Fi adapter
Audio alarm signal is initiated when the battery charge is too low
You can change batteries during recording
The full range of Neuron-Spectrum.NET software features for the record analysis

Special application for Android devices (smartphones or tablets) helps to work with Neuron-Spectrum-AM recorder via Wi-Fi connection. The application allows to:
Get the list of Neuron-Spectrum-AM devices available in the Wi-Fi network
Asses the current device state (whether the acquisition mode is active, battery charge level, free space on memory card
Get the list of exams saved on recorder memory card
Create a new exam on the basis of default template
Delete the existing exam
Stop exam acquisition
Check impedance
Assess electrode impedance during the acquisition
Observe exam data during signal acquisition (EEG/PSG monitoring)