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Transcranial Doppler

Product Description

  • Digital Doppler
  • M-mode display
  • Emboli detection
  • Monitoring module
  • Extensive user configurations
  • Examination data base
  • Cardiac output in option

LOOKI is a premium class transcranial Doppler that offers advanced software for diagnosis as well as for monitoring applications.

LOOKI is available in different configurations to fit your specific needs

LOOKI TCD: unilateral transcranial Doppler with diagnosis module

LOOKI 1TC: unilateral transcranial Doppler with diagnosis & monitoring modules

LOOKI 2TC: bilateral transcranial Doppler with diagnosis & monitoring modules

■ M-mode display M-mode technology has significant advantages including reduction of time necessary to locate the transcranial window. It also allows an easier identification of blood vessels and reduced training time. M-mode provides a colour coded display of flow signal intensity and direction over the ultrasound beam. A flow toward the probe is represented by a red band as a flow away from the probe is represented by a blue band. Any depth can be selected on the M-mode to display the spectral data. It makes TCD easier to use for clinicians particularly in the emergency situations at bedsides.

■ Unique design for enhanced mobility and reduced footprint Thanks to its integrated trolley and high quality wheels, LOOKI is the ideal equipment for fixed or mobile use. It is moved without spending time to pack up the probes and accessories. Its reduced footprint is also an advantage especially in limited space environments.

■ User friendly operation The modern and intuitive controls and the customized protocols allow an easy adjustment of the parameters, a quick configuration of the device and saving time. With the user-oriented menus, the operator quickly inputs patient data and labels vessels.

■ Full feature colour report Snapshots of the waveforms with all the adjustment parameters and calculated indices are included in the examination report only by pressing a key. At any time, this report can be reviewed, printed out on a colour printer or stored.

■ Examination protocols and monitoring configurations Protocols and monitoring configurations are available. They can be modified or personalised. New ones can also be easily created to meet the special requirements of each physician.

■ Advanced monitoring module Monitoring sessions can be recorded and saved. All waveforms, trends, event markers and indices are stored and available for future analysis. ■ Emboli detection The emboli detection module takes advantage of the multi-gate technology for an optimised differentiation of emboli and artefacts.

■ Functional tests Pre-defined test sessions are proposed to assess cerebral autoregulation and vasomotor reactivity.

■ Cardiac output Atys Doppler are unique transcranial Doppler on the market. They can be fitted with a non-invasive cardiac output monitor. This feature is tremendously useful in ICU and OR. It allows the physician to check the patient global hemodynamic with one device, that is to say very quickly

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