Respiratory Therapy


Respiratory Therapy

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Product Description

The RemRest Series is engineered to meet the needs of each level of the sleep therapy market — patient, physician, dealer as well as the growing number of international customers.

RemRest CPAP Features

Tier 1: (Model 901)
This model is designed to be your low-cost alternative in the demanding managed care marketplace. Includes our Noise Reduction Technology (NRT), to provide patients with extremely quiet operation, ramp and pressure controls and international power supply capabilities. Carry bag and optional DC power cord provide additional versatility and mobility to this unit.

Tier 3: (Model 903)
Engineered with an internal pressure transducer that continually monitors the prescribed setting and adjusts the blower for changes in pressure due to resistance in the interface circuit or changes in altitude. The LCD screen provides readouts of total running time and patient usage time, and is used for setting ramp and pressure. Major compliance issues are addressed with the addition of the Auto Compliance feature which monitors usage and has an indictor light that will flash if a patient’s usage is less than 28 hours per week. The dynamic calibration feature can be used to overcome the resistance inherent in nasal interfaces.

This model has enhanced features for measuring and downloading patient compliance data and an Interface Alert, which notifies the patient every 90 days that their interface could need replacing. Through the use of a real-time clock and internal flash memory the unit stores compliance data that is easily downloadable via the DB9 serial port. Patient usage can also be monitored by having the user hold down the mode button, revealing a data code that the provider can interpret. Rounding out this complete compliance package is the quick loading, easy-to-use RemRest Compliance Software for a PC.


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